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Dysfunctional Teams: The 5 C’s for Improving Teamwork

Submitted by Katherine Duffy  on May 5th, 2011 Mark’s a total jerk. He’s always interrupting, and constantly argumentative – a real nightmare to be around. Jill’s a scatterbrain. Not reliable, and always off track – a really hard person to maintain focus with. And you? Well, that’s a whole other story. But bottom line; you do not work well together. And as much as it’s killing your productivity, it’s hurting your team even more. If you think you can just work from home, put on headphones or book your day full of meetings to ignore this problem, you’re taking a huge risk. According to a recent study by Leadership IQ , 87% of employees say their coworkers’ performance has made them want to change jobs. Where, on the other hand, happy employees go the extra mile and spend more than 80% of their week on work. The point is clear – you have to find a way to work better together, or your goals won’t be met. Getting on track in a dysfunctional team can be tough. Arguments, tens